Our friend and artist Dennis Hoekstra is featured in the upcoming issue of Modern Painters. Some b-roll shots of his latest work and NYC Studio.

Always fun to see friend’s studios and work expanding.

See an original by Dennis at Ken Ken!

Brave Young - How Each Friend Departed

Heavy gorgeous song for a sunday start.

File this in magical places to visit.

Agoshima - if this place has any surf - we’re headed. 

"Aogashima is a tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea, it is 3.5 km in length with a maximum width of 2.5 km. It is administered by Tokyo despite being located approximately 358 kilometres (222 mi) south of Tokyo. The caldera is occupied by a secondary cone named Maruyama. As of 2009 the island’s population was 205.

‘The history of human settlement on Aogashima is uncertain. Most of the people in Aogashima are Japanese. The island is mentioned in Edo period records kept at Hachijō-jima, which record volcanic activity in 1652, and from 1670-1680. An earthquake swarm in July 1780 was followed by steam rising from the lakes in the Ikenosawa Caldera. Further earthquakes in May 1781 led to an eruption. In April 1783, lava flows from the Maruyama cone resulted in the evacuation of all 63 households on the island. During a massive eruption in 1785, some 130-140 of the population of 327 islanders perished.’ - Wikipedia

Source / wikipedia entry

Certificate of Final Completion.

A very expensive and stressful piece of paper to get.

Done and back to making ramen!

LIGHT Showers



Photographs by Dominic Santos


MARCH 29th 2013    7-10pm

MUSIC by Tomorrows Tulips

Our friend Chris runs this little gallery. Sick little space. Go support!

Geoffrey B. Small EVJO1 Suit

"A suit designed to last for over 25 years, the EVJ01 is hand cut with ultra-light suplux super 210s fabric woven by Fatelli Pizcenza, the world’s oldest woolen mill, founded in 1733, pure silk lineings from Como, real horn buttons from Parma, Italy. The interior construction has no glue, no fusing. Instead its soft structure is achieved with over a thousand invisible canvas hand-padding stitches in the lape and collar. Its 20 button holes are made by hand in pure silk Bozzolo Milano Reale threads and require 3 hours of expert work on the button holes alone. The hand dying process requires over 10 hours of painstaking work. Built with a total of 100 working hours in a small workroom in Venezia - the suit is pre hap the most comfortable and most valuable designer suite in the world today"

Sonya Park - Arts & Science.

Something to strive for - slow and steady.

18th Street Parklet Meeting

Japanese Architect Jun Ueno is an award winning Tokyo based architect and American designer Chika Nii are working with the Mission community to build a public parklet concept in front of Ken Ken Ramen! They’ve asked us at Ken Ken Ramen to help garner support!

We’re initial planning stages with city departments and are garnering feedback from the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback below. Initial rough specs are above. We will work with local authorities in construction of a public, friendly facing parklet! We think the parklet will help improve the appearence of 18th street and serve the city!

We’re going to host a Community Meeting for the parklet to garner support on March 11th and 6pm at Ken Ken Ramen. 

Swing by and meet the architect. Give us feedback and discuss with us on ways to improve the city!

Questions: +1 415 578 3196! !

Via Twitter: @kenkenramen More information at: http://eatkenkenramen.tumblr.com 

Welcome to the Mission!

Watch a thief on Camera Steal from our Chef’s Car!!!!!

Catch this fucker!

Beer + Balls! You can’t go wrong.

Starting this Sunday for Brunch!

We’re offering alcoholic Boba featuring the @BobaGuys

Alcoholic Boba flavors include:

  • Spiked Milk Tea - Sake + Milk Tea + Boba
  • Spiked Soy Tea - Sake + Soy Tea + Boba
  • Spiked Jasmine - Sake - Jasmin Milk Tea + Boba
  • Kuronama Float - Kuronama + Boba Guys + Frozen Kustard
  • Boogie Beer  - Beer + Guava + Boba
21+ only.
Be a baller. Drink Boba.
11 to 4pm Sundays @ Ken Ken Ramen.