Japanese Traditional Breakfasts coming Sunday 2/17/2013 to Ken Ken Ramen.

A traditional Japanese-style breakfast consists of steamed rice, miso soup, and various side dishes. Common side dishes are broiled/grilled fish, tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), tsukemono pickles, nori (dried seaweed), veggie dishes, and so on. We love making home made Japanese breakfast and we thought we’d share that love with the Mission!

Taking a break from noodle making all week - we’re offering Japanese Brunch starting this Sunday!

This week’s brunch menu features!

Sunday Brunch Set 

Salmon Course Brunch  $13.00

Salmon Shioyakihouse cured salted salmon

Tamago Yaki - Japanese Traditional Egg Dish

Atsuage, Daikon Nimono // fried tofu, daikon

Miso Soup with wakame & tofu

Nori - seasoned sea weed

Tsukemono - Japanese pickles house made in 30 year old nukazuke

Side orders @ $5 

Kabocha NimonoJapanese pumkin nimono

Snow White Salad Yukke Styledaikon, jicama, nagaimo, raw quail egg yolk

For Vegetarians we also offer a beautiful Veggie Main consisting of  Grilled Eggplant in a miso / shoyu glaze

Open from 11 to 4pm - Sunday @ Ken Ken Ramen

Take a break from noodles and start your week right with a traditional Japanese healthy breakfast.

We’re also serving Boba Guys Drinks and the new Alcoholic Boba Guys Drinks we’ve been working on!!

Alcoholic Boba Drinks Featuring Boba Guys

- Boogie Beer (Sake + Beer + Guava + Beer + Boba)

- Ipanema ( Sake + Beer + Passion Fruit + Beer + Boba) 

- Spiked Jasmine - (NIGORI Sake + Jasmin Milk Tea + Boba)

- Black Milk (Kuronama + Sake + Boba Guys + Dash Of Frozen Vanilla Frozen Kustard)

Super fun way to start your week right.

Homemade Frozen Custard Desserts by our friends Frozen Kuhsterd!

Gothic Summer Camp.
Practice Vampire Yoga.
Won Hundred Black Bjorg Button Tunic

Gothic Summer Camp.

Practice Vampire Yoga.

Won Hundred Black Bjorg Button Tunic

"I thought that was interesting

that all the places that are at my disposal right now,

the only place i find comforting is there, on that one chair closest to the corner.

I went there again, because it felt safe and calm.”

COSMIC WONDER Light Source Diamond Equinox

Cosmic Wonder SS13. As usual - next level madness…

The closest thing to what we would wear in a distant utopian radiant future. 

Community Meeting

Dear Community and Neighbors:

Writing on behalf of Ken Ken Ramen @ 3378 18th Street.

This letter invites you to a hosted open town hall public meeting to discuss renovation plans into 3376 18th Street and discuss ways we can create positive impact on the community and minimize residential discomfort.

The meeting is to be held January 7th, 2013 @ 5pm at 3378, 18th Street.

Ken Ken Ramen is a locally owned, Japanese restaurant located at 3378 18th Street , San Francisco focused on making quality Japanese Ramen since 2011. We have plans to open a small Japanese Bento Cafe, associated private gathering space and industrial commissary named Suika @ 3376 18th Street offering healthy Japanese snacks and options and are awaiting for zoning and appropriate approvals.

We are run by Mission residents and employ local residents as well. Currently the building is zoned under Urban Mixed Use and allows for a variety of business types ranging from industrial to commercial to service based business such as restaurants with the appropriate change of use application.

We invite you to read the zoning definitions of the planning department @ http://bit.ly/kvYllp We plan to renovate the current space @ 3376 into 3 parts. A front serving retail cafe, a private gathering space, and an industrial commissary. The small gathering space for private parties, poetry readings, live performances, desk concerts, art events, performances and group meetings at 3376 18th Street. The small intimate space is designed to encourage group activities, art meetings, and social interactions for residents in the community. The space historically was a Chinese noodle factory and contains an existing industrial commissary kitchen and associated equipment.

The commissary currently supports a variety of food based businesses including

Ken Ken Ramen LLC - Japanese Restaurant
Frozen Kustard - Midwestern Frozen custard style dessert
Boba Guys - Quality Tapioca Drinks
Black Magic Kombucha - Organic Kombucha Drinks
San Flan - Quality Japanese Desserts

The central commissary is used throughout the day by different teams in production of products. We have filed for Place of Entertainment and ABC Beer and Wine License for the gathering space SUIKA along with appropriate Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Zoning Permits.

The meeting is to be held January 7th, 2013 at 5pm at 3378 18th Street. This meeting is an informal meeting to discuss ways in which we can work together to improve the neighborhood.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you, Ken Ken Ramen.

3378 18th Street. San Francisco CA 94110

Questions: 415 967 2636

Email: kenkenramen@gmail.com

The Treasure Hunter’s Castle. Apartmento Porn of Takahiro Gouko

郷古 隆洋さん 『世界中から発掘したモノたちに囲まれた、蒐集家の城』
Swimsuit Department Store Owner: Takahiro Gouko

Full interview

Ninjo - 人情 - Human Compassion / Feelings.

Love, affection, compassion and sympathy are the most important feelings that all human beings should nurture. In Japanese society (and most others) - this assumption is highlighted in a desire to create cooperation among people.

In daily life, the code of Ninjo binds ones actions towards other. For example- run out of salt while cooking, and you can visit your neighbor to borrow some. The reaction next door should certainly be very cooperative. Likewise in more complicated life’s events, when you receive you should also give. This give and take attitude is based on the belief in the wisdom of mutual reliance. When all is well with you, you are expected to help others and when you are in need of help, you can count on other. This sense of interdependence in the community is what constitutes ninjo.

Masks by Polish Studio Bertjan

Weekend fun. Games some people play.

#shibari #rope